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Our Top Rated Attorneys Achieve Results

The experience and expertise that our attorneys have navigating the legal system will ensure that the result at trial will be fair, equitable and legally founded.

William Bustamante, lawyer

William Bustamante Esq.
Managing Attorney,

William is an experienced, persistent driven attorney with diversified legal background. He is accomplished in Real Estate, Wills, Probate & Trust, Family and Small Business Corporate Law.

Patricia Sierra, lawyer

Patricia Sierra
Immigration Department Manager

Patricia has extensive experience guiding individuals through a wide range of immigration documents, including L-1 visa petitions, H1-B, TN, and Labor certification. Her previous work history has given her the right skills to correctly execute immigration cases flawlessly.

María Sapikas PA.
Immigration Department Manager

We fight to protect your legal rights under the law

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the fields of Estate Law, Real Estate Law, Immigration, Las, and Business Law.

The Bustamante Law Group has helped represent various cases in all phases of Real Estate transactions, Incorporation of small businesses, and family law matters. The members of the office have participated several informational seminars and radio programs to help the public be better informed of the law.

The Bustamante Law Group strives to educate their clients, while providing personal customer attention.

We have a lot of training and certification lawyers

At the Bustamante Law Group, lawyers are members of the Florida Bar and the Federal Bar for the Southern District of Florida.

To keep with up-to-date with Florida law, continuing education is a paramount factor for our staff. Our knowledge coupled with the immeasurable past experience is what is needed to ensure that your case is successful.

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