Business Law

Corporations & Small Businesses

Today’s business world is complex but what you need in a law firm is simple. Corporations and small businesses need a lawyer who understands how to reduce taxes, legal liability, and insurance costs while protecting your legal interests and your bottom line. The role of a business and corporate law attorney should be minimizing your risk so that you are in a better position in the marketplace. That means your lawyer should help the business save money.

Our law firm is knowledgeable about personal liability issues facing small businesses and corporations. We counsel businesses during all stages of their lives, beginning with formation, continuing with operation and expansion, and ending with dissolution. We guide businesses through property acquisitions, negotiations, contractual disputes, collections and enforcement. We draft contracts that shield you from liability and facilitate communication. Our lawyers leverage experience in all of these areas and look forward to developing lifelong relationships with our business clients.

Corporate Resolutions

Almost every successful business owner is eventually involved in a dispute arising from the ordinary course of doing business. To be confident in your business’ ability to handle disputes, you need a law firm that can help you develop a strong litigation policy.

Business conflicts will not always end up in court. When a dispute arises, we will help you make an early case assessment. If a dispute involves important business assets, a significant sum of money, or enforcement and interpretation of important contracts, then it may be advisable to litigate the case in court. When a conflict does not involve our clients’ most important goals and values, we still aggressively intervene on your behalf. The goal is then to define a strategy that minimizes risk and economizes fees and costs. Dispute resolution strategies in these instances include limiting discovery about our clients’ business interests, exploiting weaknesses in the opponent’s case, and creating opportunities to resolve the dispute reasonably.