Real Estate & Title Insurance

Real Estate Law

Real estate often comes with unexpected legal complications, and it’s times like these that you need a dedicated lawyer that knows how to navigate the paperwork, taxes, and other situations that can arise. Having an experienced attorney on your side means you have an advocate for your best interests when it comes to negotiation and contracts.

Although you can use a real estate agent to make your property purchase, an experienced attorney will be able to handle taxes, estate claims, and other complications. An attorney is an essential part of any property transaction. There are important tax implications to purchasing property that will affect you at the time of purchase and when create your estate plan. Lawyers specializing in real estate are also tasked with ensuring that the property is free of any title deficiencies or encumbrances that may create a dispute. A Miami real estate lawyer will help you understand local laws so you avoid code violations or other issues.

Title Insurance

When purchasing a property, it’s impossible to know everything involved with the property or land. Title insurance is an insurance policy that will protect you when you take ownership of a property, in the event that you incur unforeseen fees relating to the property. You may purchase a home that has a deed that was only signed by one party who was involved in its sale, or had documents attached to it that were not recorded by the local clerk. A property can become the center of an ownership dispute by relatives of its previous owner; what happens if you’re in the middle? The title insurance will protect you against financial damages by helping you pay for an attorney to fight the claim or pay for the losses incurred within the limits covered by your policy. Using an attorney for title insurance helps insure you keep the rights to the property.